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Sam Blackwood


Preview: Thursday 14th September 6-8pm

14.09.17 – 22.10.17

Open by appointment

“My ideas for the work centre around my thoughts on the commodification of the working class in the UK and how this translates into pop culture.


I am from a North East Town in the UK and have grown up around subcultures that had been

demonised and eventually turned into a commodity although I was never directly involved with these subcultures I was able to observe these things and have always been fascinated with the almost cult like status of the North East rave scene, which is one of the subcultures I had grown up around.


Although these initial scenes were very aggressive and hostile. It's interesting to me that something which was originally violent and purist is now being sold as a product of acceptance, freedom and the 'cool thing'.


My work is helping me digest this and allowing me to think about these ideas of a commoditised working class and the capitalisation of its subcultures.”



Sam Blackwood (b.1992)


Studied Contemporary Art Studies at Sheffield Hallam University and has recently been involved in projects such as; Shy Bairns at Caustic Coastal, DVDISDEAD featured Online, The Bookshop at the NGCA, Fig 2 at BALTIC39, a Pixel or a Digit at Turf Projects and S1 Introduces at S1 Artspace.

Photography by Jules Lister

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