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SubLIME slime

Pippa Eason & Zoë Molloy 


Preview: 6 - 8pm | 25.01.2018
26.01.2018 - 15.02.2018
open by appointment

Free Artist Workshop Friday 16th of February Sign up here

SubLIME slime is a collaborative installation of individual practices. Bringing together the work of two emerging female artists Pippa Eason & Zoë Molloy for the very first time. This project is Eason & Molloy's first interaction, SubLIME slime works as an experimental project to enable a new partnership, which will explore the nature of collaboration with someone new, over a long distance dialogue. 

Pippa Eason’s work makes observations of the abstraction/perception of nature, the tangible, the everyday, and considers it within the accelerating art world. They act as props for the near fictional imagery displayed, they come to life, crumbling from the cocoon of reality, into the pixel generated sub-human culture. The use of symbols for example: dollar signs, cacti, chains, written word, and so on articulate the separation of art in life, against art on screen. These multi layered objects, or digital works serve as a signifier for the aesthetics of contemporary commerce, and viewing. Those aesthetics are then translated into the cyber world, reiterating itself over and over again.

Zoë Molloy’s practice focuses strongly on sculpture and temporary installations and arrangements. Her sculptures are often inspired by forms found in natural and man–made objects. Recently, some of these forms have been founded from continuous study of certain objects, combined with imagined ideas and experimentation, which have led to their creation. Zoë frequently uses plaster bandage and chicken wire to make sculptures but often makes work from a variety of materials, with their texture and colour influencing decisions.


GOLDTAPPED's 'SubLIME slime' is kindly supported by Arts Council England

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