Stacey Davidson

Stacey Davidson currently lives and works in Gateshead, England.

Contemporary painting forms the foundation for all the work Davidson produces. Relying on experimentation to build her methodology, she utilises formal elements such as colour, shape and texture to form compositions, considering space as the overriding theme throughout. These elements provide a context within the abstract nature of the work; which often re-examines online and printed surfaces and the dislocation of meaning through the narrative of personal online streams of consciousness such as social media posts.

Her current area of research is motivated by an investigation into how a painting practice is viewed and stays relevant in the 21st century. Using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter andTumblr she produces a selected impression of her practice and an invented level of production. She is interested in the Internet and how over sharing has become an issue in current society; aiming to explore how interconnected her practice is to her online scrolling habits.

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