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Paola Ciarska

All works untitled | Gouache on Board | 18 x 12.5 

Words from the Artist:
Born 1993 in a fishing village in Gdańsk, Poland. My work explores the voyeuristic quality of over-sharing of private information on social media. It is a humorous commentary on 21st century women, exploring sexuality, identity and loneliness. My paintings reveal multiple dimensions of being a woman in modern times presented through the labour of marathon painting with intricate obsessive application.
For my ongoing series of never ending personal paintings the process begins with collecting photos of objects from peoples houses, my own belongings, screenshots from social media platforms. I then begin to sketch those out in miniature creating an inventory that I can arrange in my cube. After creating a rough sketch of a room I begin to paint. The pattern in the background is a recurring motif that I adopted from the
wallpapers from my grandmothers house in Poland. Each piece
takes around 50 hours including research and sketching. For private commissions I travel to the clients house and take photos of every single item that they own. I ask if there's anything in particular that they would want to have featured and I make sure that those items are included in the final piece. During my time at the clients house I try and get to know them in order to project their essence into the painting. Those pieces take a bit longer than my never ending series, A
commission consist of around 70 hours of research and
painting time.

Recent exhibitions include:
Snap Exhibition, Byker Community Centre, P.O.V, Project 78
Gallery, Sussex, Coming Along Nicely, The Globe Gallery &
Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle upon Tyne, Worried Mother,
Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, Work, Broadacre House,
Newcastle upon Tyne, Solopreneur, Kingsgate Project Space,
London, Exchange Rates Exposition, Brooklyn Fireproof,
Bushwick, New York, Curious? Festival, Bamburgh House,
Newcastle upon Tyne

As of June 2016 one of my paintings has became a permanent
part of Hatton Gallery collection.

For more information about Paola Ciarska's work please email at

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