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No Cigar

Richard Hughes


Curated by Jessica Bennett 

Private View: Thursday 25th October 6-9pm, Drinks Reception

Opens: 26 October – 24th November 2018

By appointment only, contact:


Artist Talk: 21st November 6-8pm

Sign up for free artists talk with Richard Hughes and guest curator by emailing:


For ‘No Cigar’, Hughes has developed several sculptural works that describe a dystopian perspective of the future. Hughes has drawn from his own contemplations and has developed work from imaginary scenarios and the real world. Using his influences such as modern day disaster movies and his own emotional discomfort, Hughes displays these ‘scenes’ in varied sculptural forms. ‘No Cigar’ emphasises Hughes’s interest in contradiction, using colliding narratives, he brings together notions of struggle and failure alongside hope, desire and salvation. Bennett wants to highlight the idea of the unattainable narrative developed for ‘No Cigar’.


Richard Hughes: "I am interested in the idea of the ‘anti romantic,’ and how history seems so more interesting, idealised, romantic and captivating than the present, and for me, the future. I am in constant battle with language, I explore how language is translated from concept, into the materiality of the work and then out again. I constantly toy with ideas of representation, incorporating both abstract and literal forms within my practice, this is very interesting to me. Art is an exploration, a discovery of my beliefs and predictions for the future. I question, through both concept and material the state of self at any given time. The ever-changing explorations, tastes and outcomes are developed through continued engagement, they describe my vulnerability to outside influences such as media, politics and personal relationships."


The sculptures within ‘No Cigar’ have been produced laboriously and meticulously, and demonstrate Hughes’s interest in surface. Within his practice, Hughes’s uses high chemical-based materials such as epoxy resin and solvents, to find a delicate balance between a biological and manufactured aesthetic. Within ‘No Cigar’, Hughes has played with the ideas of representation, incorporating both abstract and literal forms. This defines Hughes’s interest in the language of objects, his ‘descriptions’ fluctuate between an artistic and real world context.

Previous Exhibitions include 2014 ‘The Best New Creatives.’ ‘Noise 2014.’ Better Bankside and Southbank, London. 2015 ‘XerXes Sculpture Prize.’ Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park.London. 2016 – ‘Ambition – Instigate Arts.’ HOME Gallery, Manchester. 2017 – ‘PLAY’ Bankley Gallery, Manchester. 2017 – ‘Is This Real Life??.’ Curated by I.O.U.A.E, B&D studios, Newcastle. 2017 – ‘A Show About The Show.’ Scaffold Gallery, Manchester. 2018 – Tipping The Scales’ Paradise Works, Salford, Manchester.



NO CIGAR is curated by GOLDTAPPED and guest curator, Jessica Bennett. 


Kindly supported by Arts Council England.

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  1. ‘The Pang’ 2018. Fine-casting plaster, 2-part epoxy resin, primer, spray paint, chain, unfired clay, lacquer.

  2. ‘Dead end desires’ 2018. Unfired clay, primer, rubber, spray paint, mild steel.

  3. ‘Losing all the happy people’ 2018. MDF, fine-casting plaster, tattoo transfer paper, paint, primer, adhesive.

  4. ‘Far from the silver lining’ 2018. Sourced object, 2-part epoxy resin, primer, 2-part body filler, paint, MDF, plaster, metal rod, Castrol engine oil.

  5. ‘Separate throats’ 2018. Unfired clay, 2-part epoxy resin, primer, paint, sourced object, adhesive.

  6. ‘No-one left to feel sorry for me’ 2017. Concrete, plastic, primer, 2-part epoxy resin, fine-casting plaster, paint.

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