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Mother (Singular)

Jessica Andrews

Keano Anton


Preview: Saturday 19th May 7 - 11pm (as part of The Late Shows)

19.05.18 - 09.06.18


Mother (singular) explores the strength, vulnerability, tenderness and loss that are intrinsic to the relationships between mothers and their children. It focuses on two women, both living in the North-East of England, who brought up their children without a partner, and considers the impact of this on familial intimacy. Through photographs, interviews, essay and prose, the exhibition examines the notion of protection between mother and child and questions whether the role of protector fluctuates when parents are in fragile situations.The work prompts the viewer to think about the different languages in which we communicate and our perceptions of feminine roles. It questions family hierarchies and celebrates strength and vulnerability.


Jessica Andrews (b.1992, Sunderland)

Jessica writes fiction, poetry and journalism. She is interested in fragility, physicality and language. Her debut novel, Saltwater, explores mother-daughter relationships and the formation of identity through place, social class and the body. It will be published by Sceptre in Spring 2019.


Keano Anton (b.1992, Washington)

Keano works with photographic portraiture. His subjects are friends, lovers, muses and strangers, which take him both in and out of his comfort zone. He documents encounters, relationships and intimate moments with a homoerotic leaning. He explores the connections between identity and sexuality in relation to place.


Keano and Jessica met at school in Washington. They previously worked together on Hinterland, a poetry and photography zine exploring the ways in which romantic relationships become associated with place. Mother (singular) is the beginning of a larger collaborative project

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