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Lindsey Mendick

'The Early Bird Catches The Rose' 2017 Ceramic | 29 x 42 | Unique

'Prozac is the Best Medicine' 2017

Ceramic | 29 x 42 | Unique

Words from the Artist:

Although my practice involves banner painting, sewing, metalwork and furniture making, my most adept work is in ceramics due to its tactile nature and the way it desires to be manipulated by the maker. Working with clay allowed me to be resolutely embedded in all aspects of my sculpture and to create entities that better encompassed my sensibility. Through my work in ceramics I have been able to heighten and extend the
objects that I use, extracting them further away from their traditional function as well as to create entities that better encapsulate my inspirations. By playfully combining low culture iconography and high culture methods of construction, I hope to create humorously decadent and elaborate installations that enable the viewer to
explore their personal history in a cathartic fashion.

For more information about Lindsey Mendick's work please email at

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