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Joe Daniels
No Soap no Hope | 2017 |Poster | 29.7 x 42 | Edition
No glove no love | 2017 |Poster | 29.7 x 42 | Edition
Wash your fingers for the mingers
| 2017 |Poster | 29.7 x 42 | Edition
Words from the Artist:
For these posters I took inspiration from sexist remarks which I have heard being said amongst groups of lads.  I made these posters by screen printing over the top of digital prints of images which I feel either compliment or contradict the phrases in some way. 

 Joe Daniels is an Essex based artist who has recently graduated from Colchester School of Art where he studied for his degree in Fine Art.


Daniels' artistic practice takes on the form of installation through combination of objects, printmaking and lighting, commenting on issues of gender and growing up in Essex.

For more information on Joe Daniels' work please email us at
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