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Preview: Thursday 31 January 2019 
Open 31 Jan - 2 March  2019


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IF YOU CAN STAND THE GLARE is a site-specific installation by locally based artists Aloe Corry, Juliet Fleming and Joanna Georghadjis. Corry, Fleming and Georghadjis’ floor-based collaboration responds to Carliol House’s first floor foyer and the unique space in which GOLDTAPPED is situated.


Carliol House was constructed from 1924-8 by Tait, Burnet and Lorne as the purpose-built headquarters of North Eastern Electric Supply Company which later became Northern Electric. Carliol House has been derelict for over 10 years. Carliol House has been the home to the Newcastle-based chapter of The NewBridge Project for the past two years. The NewBridge Project inhabits this space on a meal while basis and Carliol house is not its final home. 


The floor of the foyer GOLDTAPPED gallery gives evidence to the evolution of this building. The original flooring was terrazzo, poured in place or precast. This was also used for floor treatments through out the space. Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of chips of marble , quartz, granite, and glass. In GOLDTAPPED space, squares of terrazzo have been lined with golden metal edging. Over the years, this flooring has been covered with concrete render and carpet tiles. 


The artists have used this evolving foyer as inspiration to create this floor installation. Incorporating their varied practices, and drawing upon their commonalities, Corry, Fleming and Georghadjis worked together to great a multi-layered composition. this work highlights the crevasses and physical history embedded in the floor, as well as the personal symbols and histories of each artist. 

Biographies & Recent Exhibitions: 

Aloe Corry is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She is currently working with painting, printmaking, and text. Her practice is rooted in observation and the study of mysterious objects and bodies. She portrays objects and bodies within uncertain spaces, working in the crevices between myth and reality, wonder and fear, and the terrible and beautiful. Her most recent event, Common Tongue, was a collaborative performative event investigating disjointed narrative and the role of visual, written, and spoken languages.  


Recent Exhibitions: Dec. 2018: Common Tongue; The Shoe Tree, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK | May 2018: O'; BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK | March 2018: And Everything Far Off Becomes Our Home; BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK | March 2018: Drury Tap; Fusion Arts, Oxford, UK | Jan. 2018: Strange Pursuit; Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK | March 2017: The Great Good Place, Alice Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah | March 2017: The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth; Flux Factory, Long Island City, New York.

Juliet Fleming is an artist and curator living and working in Newcastle. Fleming's practice seeks to question the female experience in the 21st century, often using repetitive symbols. These symbols are used to start dialogues around sexual pleasure, bodily autonomy, reproduction and the division of emotional labour. Fleming works collaboratively with other artists, including as artist duo TELEPHONE PONY, sharing skills and ways of working. 


Recent Exhibition: 'Hard Craft', Collaborative exhibition with Sarah Joy Ford, Vane, Newcastle, 2018 | 'Hubbub', as artist duo TELEPHONE PONY, Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Exhibiting & curating, GOLDTAPPED, 2018 | 'Six of one, half a dozen of the other' Exchange Residency at The Royal Standard, Liverpool & The NewBridge Project, Newcastle 2018 | 'Close to you' TESTT Space, Durham 2018 | 'Aftertaste', The Trophy Room, Liverpool, 2017 | ‘In Plain Sight’, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, 2017 | ‘I miss you, Blockbuster... ‘, A217 Gallery, London, UK 2017 | ‘Worried Mother’ M I L K x Workplace takeover, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, 2016 

Joanna Georghadjis is a contemporary artist living in Newcastle. Originally from Cyprus she moved to the UK at the age of 19 to peruse my dream of becoming an artist and study Fine Art at Northumbria University. Georghadjis is interested in painting as an object, where paint becomes the subject. Her work is the response to the existing environment and spacial area in which she practice in. It sits around the area of how sculpture can be read as a painting, translating sculptural materiality into materials that can be read as 'paint'. She has a passion for creating autonomous pieces that have the ability to stand alone and activate a space. Colour and materiality are significant elements within her work that come together sculpturally, to construct a piece of art to intrigue and spark the curiosity of the viewer whilst speaking the language of painting.

Recent Exhibition: 'O'', Group Interim Degree Show Exhibition, Baltic39, Newcastle, 2018 I 'Strange Pursuit', Group Exhibition, Vane, Newcastle, 2018 I 'Reveal', Degree Show, Gallery North, 2017

IF YOU CAN STAND THE GLARE is hosted and curated by the exhibiting artists. 
IF YOU CAN STAND THE GLARE is kindly Supported by Arts Council England.

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