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Eli Samuels 

Hot Jelly & Custard 

Preview 04.08.17, 5 - 7pm

05.08.17 - 03.09.17 open by appointment

Exploring representations of female stereotypes through amateur broadcasting in the age of new media, Eli Samuels predominately works through film, performance and set construction, creating
installations parodying these familiar formats. 

Having recently completed a Fine Art BA at Newcastle University, the now London based artist probes the expectations of femininity and womanliness through illustrated characters exhibiting a subservience to gender roles. Hot Jelly & Custard is a short series of satirical episodes acting as both expressions and explorations of the artist's frustrations with the contradiction in assumed gender duties that continue to define womanhood.

Women acting as women.

The clash of kitsch, found furniture and the clumsy, animated props mimics the familiar - yet uneasy - temperament of the formats of reality television.

By using found furniture to imitate a recognisable living space, but incorporating the impractical, plaster props, the work becomes a space between the ease of sitting in a living room watching television, and the

obscure, tense ambiance world within the television shows themselves.

Viewers were encouraged to sit and watch the film. In doing so they were engaging themselves in the artwork, while the audience observes the viewers immersed in watching the film. Thus the viewers' response to the

work is central to the installation.


Eli Samuels (b. 1995 London, UK) 

Previous Exhibitions: Newcastle University Degree Show, June 2017, Interim II, Newcastle University, December 2016, Macrame Cod was waving not drowning/ Macrame Cod was not..., The NewBridge Project, May 2016, Sensations and Situations, Newcastle University, January 2015 

Photography by Ash Howland Davenport

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