PWYF ceramic workshops.jpg

We are now launching our new Free or Pay what you feel video chat ceramic workshops. There will be two options:

Option 1 - get your own air dry clay from the interweb and then we will walk (over internet) you through the steps of making a treasured art work, showing you tips and relaxing techniques anyone from any part of the country world can do this option!


Option 2 - We will drop off new clay in a washed bag to your doorstep within 1.5 miles of Newcastle City Centre on Mondays. (this can be left outside your house for 3 days before the workshop on Thursdays). Afterwards we will collect this clay the following Monday and it will be fired at a later date (when the studios are reopened) and dropped back to you! Each workshop will be 1 - 1.30hrs and are suitable for ages 5 upwards. If you are interested in a video workshop please email us at where we can discuss what you want to do and how you want to do it :) 

Below is Information for when our Ceramic workshop space is back open!