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From September 2021 - We have moved a new building with The NewBridge Project and now reside in The Shieldfield centre. 

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Find us at The NewBridge Project, on the first floor at the end of the right hand corridor. 


Open access to the ceramics room is now available for studio holders only. Open 24/7 – Booking required.


Message Stephen or Juliet to be added to the whatsapp group for access on a day to day basis. Stephen -

and Juliet –


Juliet is available for workshops during school holidays, for more info contact @northernclayroom on Instgram or


·     £8 for up to 3 hours access to the room and its equipment, including 3 wheels.


·     Raw materials (e.g. clay or glazes) are not included. Please provide your own or contact Stephen or Juliet.


·     If instruction is required this may be provided on a bespoke basis.


·     Kiln firings will cost £10 per firing (covering cost of required repairs, loading, monitoring kiln for 10 – 12 hrs, unloading) plus a percentage cost of firing currently approx. £2.20 - £6.40 – e.g. 1 item £10 or a full kiln £10 plus cost of firing. 


·     Firing cost is depending on size of kiln used and temperature of firing. NBP subsides these firings and have asked for 35% of the cost which is currently between £2.20 - £6.40. Costs may increase further depending on the price per kilowatt. 

Covid Info from July 2020 - We are currently running on a reduced service

Before we start, we are taking particular regard to whether visitors are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. If so, it may not be safe for you to enter the studios at this time.

We will be booking you into our online booking system along with myself to ensure NewBridge will have our contact details in the scenario of a covid -19 case within NewBridge. Under these circumstances they will need to pass them on for track and trace purposes. On average there are no more than 10 people in our 20,000 square foot building at any one time so this is unlikely. 

These are the guidelines that have been put in place in NewBridge to keep everyone safe:

There will be an increased frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning before, during and after your visit.

We will maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible and we would also ask that you please bring your own mask, additional hand sanitiser (though we will have plenty here too), your own aprons and your own towel (e.g. tea) for drying your hands - unfortunately we will not be able to provide snacks and refreshments though you are welcome to bring you own if you wish. 

Bathrooms are regularly cleaned and in each cubicle there is a mounted antibacterial spray that you can spritz onto some loo roll to wipe down the loo and the handle before / after use. 


If all of this sounds suitable to you and you feel comfortable in coming we would love to welcome you! 

During Lockdown from March - July 2020

PWYF ceramic workshops.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 15.48.56 1.jpg

We are now launching our new Free or Pay what you feel video chat ceramic workshops. There will be two options:

Option 1 - get your own air dry clay from the interweb and then we will walk (over internet) you through the steps of making a treasured art work, showing you tips and relaxing techniques anyone from any part of the country/world can do this option!


Option 2 - We will drop off new clay in a washed bag to your doorstep within 1.5 miles of Newcastle City Centre on Mondays. (this can be left outside your house for 3 days before the workshop on Thursdays). Afterwards we will collect this clay the following Monday and it will be fired at a later date (when the studios are reopened) and dropped back to you! Each workshop will be 1 - 1.30hrs and are suitable for ages 5 upwards. If you are interested in a video workshop please email us at where we can discuss what you want to do and how you want to do it :) 

GOLDTAPPED's Ceramic space opened in November 2019 with donated kilns and wheels to offer affordable ceramic workshop space to the studio holders of The NewBridge Project. 

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